How to Change Our Country In Adsense Account

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As default, we can’t do anything to change our country in Google Adsense. Once we’re registered as publisher, the first time data you submitted is the default one. After that, we couldn’t made any changes. Only payment address (home address, phone number, etc) could be changed. Country section will be locked from being editted by publisher.

The question, is there any exceptation for publisher to change the country name? The answer is yes, but with limitation and through some difficulties. You can fill out the form provided by Adsense to make some changes (including: street address, city, state, zip postal code and phone number).

Beside, you should know the past information in your Adsense account such as the number of impressions registered on your first day and Date your AdSense account first registered impressions. Adsense gives these kind of “hard question” to protect our account from being stolen.

Check out here if you plan to make some changes on country section.

Note: Please be aware for some instructions, don’t make any changes till you sure what you are fill about.

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3 Responses to “to this article”

  1. Karthick Says:

    Thank you very much yaar.I ll try to change my country from US to India. Let me see what ll happen!

  2. anas Says:

    where i can find the information “Date your AdSense account first registered impressions”

  3. mr.loba-loba Says:


    firstly, login to Google Adsense account with username and password.
    Assume you’re Indonesian,.. you can check in “Laporan Tingkat Lanjut” / “Advanced Report” .. then.. find the “Pilih rentang tanggal” and choose “Semua” , dont forget to click “Tampilkan Laporan” .. it will give you the DATE when the first time you were joined be with the NUMBER OF PAGE IMPRESSIONS you got ..

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