How to Turn Off / Disable Automatic Payment in Paypal Account

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How to set off / disable automatic payment in Paypal

Do you get an email with subject You made an automatic payment? Do you made automatic payment with Photobucket, eBay, etc therefore your money decrease automatically? If yes, let see this tutorial.

It’s undoubtedly Paypal is one of the most used online payment way in the world. Paypal‘s auto-payment function provides with much convenience for its users who subscribe service(s) with the recurring fee.

When you don’t want the service to be paid via Paypal or just cancel it, don’t forget to stop its Auto-payment option in your account, or else the renewal fee can be automatically charged again.

This situation struck me days ago. I registered a domain under a two-year plan at a leading domain registrar in 2008. When then paying through Paypal, I agreed to the afore-mentioned automatic payment plan.

Recently, the domain registration company reminded me to renew my domain several times, I repeatedly ignored that reminder as I don’t want to own it any longer. Until one day, only when Paypal’s payment receipt arrived at my email box to tell me that 41 dollars were paid I realized the Paypal auto-payment wasn’t canceled yet.

Apparently, it was too late for me to do anything except that I unwittingly own that domain name for two more years .

In order to let the similar case not happen to fellow bloggers, I conceived this post. Scroll down for the steps of how to disable the automatic renewal fee charging in Paypal.

1). Log in, click on Profile.
2). In the Profile page, click on Pay List (Note: not Recurring Payments or Preapproved Payments) option under the Financial Information column.

Tip to Disable Paypal Auto-Payment for a recurring fee Image 1

3). In the resultant Pay List Overview, you get a glimpse of all of preapproved automatic payments under your Paypal accounts and click on the one(s) you intend to disable.

Tip to Disable Paypal Auto-Payment for a recurring fee Image 2

4). In the Billing Details page, click on Cancel beside the Status option

Tip to Disable Paypal Auto-Payment for a recurring fee Image 2

5). When prompted with the Cancel Confirmation dialog box, click Yes

Tip to Disable Paypal Auto-Payment for a recurring fee Image 4

6). Congratulations! You’ve successfully disabled Paypal Auto-payment/Automatic Fees Renewal!


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  1. thank you so much! Says:

    I’ve been paying for my ex’s xbox twice every three months cause of this auto payment thing Ugh!

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