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Exchange by TouchDown offers the world’s first Exchange / Outlook sync app for Android! Works with Exchange 2003/2007. Gets your emails, contacts and calendar on G1.

Exchange by TouchDown is quite honestly featured packed with most of the mobile email features you would expect when connecting to a Microsoft Exchange server. Exchange by TouchDown features full Email, Calendar, and Contacts capabilities. Gripe Alert: the only feature missing is Tasks or email Search. We asked the developer and Tasks, Notes and Search is on the radar, so stay tuned!

* Email: Send and Receive email just as if you were using your Outlook desktop client all with ActiveSync Push technology. You can switch to different Folders; Sent, Deleted, Drafts, etc. and manage Read/Unread states. What’s great about the ActiveSync Push technology is any action you perform on the phone is synced with your desktop Outlook client in near real-time. For example, if you open your desktop Outlook client and delete an email on your phone, the email will be deleted on Outlook… and vice-versa. The best example is when you Send an email from the phone and it appears in your “Sent” folder in Outlook. That is the pain of using POP3/IMAP email clients (such as the default Android Email or K9), your desktop or webmail accounts are not in sync.
* Calendar: Sync your Calendar and view events in 1 Day, Week, Month or Agenda views. Just like your desktop Outlook client, Exchange by TouchDown alerts you of events with Android Notifications. Even cooler, you can Send/Accept Meeting requests via the phone and sync with Outlook.
* Contacts: Although we didn’t have our own Contacts ported from Domino/Lotus in time for this Android app review. We’re sure they can be synced with Active Directory. As an alternative you can create contacts manually in Outlook as well as on the phone that will sync.


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