Ragnarok Online on Android (Samsung Galaxy S/Tab)

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Ragnarok Online had a few portable adaptations in the past, but the full massive multi player version of the game has always been restricted to the player’s PC until now. The launch is expected for March in Japan at first and no word yet regarding other countries but hopefully soon. You can find a video of Rangarok as well.

Ragnarok Online Mobile Story tested on some Android mobiles:

Samsung Galaxy S (OK)
Samsung Galaxy Tab (some resolution issues on main menu but OK)
HTC Desire (OK)
HTC Desire HD (OK)


- install the game
- you need to create a file on your sdcard called romobile_iccd.txt
- open it and put a number with 19 characters starting with 8981200 (softbank SIMserial)
- make sure that the file only has 19 characters, nothing less and nothing more
- save it
- run the game

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