Rocketcat’s Mage Gauntlet for iPhone Has SNES Looks and Feels

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Rocketcat Games has launched a game that is quite revolutionary for them: it’s not based around swinging on a grappling hook! Instead, their latest, Mage Gauntlet , is an action RPG. Mage Gauntlet has you playing as Lexi, who was born with a curse that denies her of being able to cast magic. Seeing as everyone and their pet goldfish can use magic, this is something of a hindrance to her. Regardless of that, Lexi still tries to become a Mage and seeks the help of the legendary wizard, Whitebeard, who gives her an item known as the Mage Gauntlet, which allows her to the ability to cast spells.
Mage Gauntlet uses a variety of control schemes, including a unique “swipe and hold” movement scheme, but none of them ever feel completely comfortable. While I think I understand why there’s not much in the way of random items, it still just feels empty having all these destructible objects and having nothing even trivial to collect with them. The star system feels kind of abstract, as well; it’s never really clear why a certain level only merits one star and another merits two or three.
Square Enix’s Secret of Mana might be the most obvious tribute in the beautifully scored launch trailer for Mage Gauntlet (shown above), which will be out next week. But creator Kepa Auwae says he was also inspired by lesser-known classics like Illusion of Gaia and Secret of Evermore.
Auwae calls Mage Gauntlet “a humorous storyline about hitting jerks with a sword [and] blowing them up with spells.” You play Lexi, a wannabe wizard with a strange condition that prevents her from realizing her magical potential. She visits the renowned mage Whitebeard to ask for help, but he’s busy with a problem of his own: An evil entity is gathering its forces, and the wizards tasked with fighting it are all MIA.
For $1.99, this game has a massive amount of content: 84 levels, 110 hats, 19 pets, and a variety of equipment you can customize Lexi with to fit your playing style. Actually, this game has SNES looks and feels.

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