Tips to Get 12 Hours Battery Life on Droid RAZR

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Achieving the full 12 hours is no easy task, and XDA member royalbloodvi has written a guide for RAZR owners who want to get the most battery life possible from their device.

Use the following settings to get longer battery life on Motorola Droid RAZR:

* 2g & Data connnection off when screen off (For e-mails, let autosync check every x minutes you would like)
* 3g when specific apps need data connection on (for internet radios enable the screen on/off profile)
* In-built setcpu function, set min/max to 300mhz on idle
* Enable juicedefender to automatically handle 2g/3g networks
* SMARTACTIONS: Display ON & OFF profile -> Disable background sync
* Juicedefender in-built autobrightness, and tweak the settings below stock brightness
* Enable juicedefender to manage wifi


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