Aplikasi Cuaca di BlackBerry Dengan Download BerryWeather

BerryWeather adalah aplikasi prakiraan cuaca di BlackBerry yang melaporkan keadaan suhu dan cuaca di 72.500 lokasi di dunia.
Bukan laporan cuaca pada satu hari tertentu saja, tapi laporan komperhensif / lengkap bisa kita ketahui selama seminggu. Berikut ini fitur-fitur di BerryWeather:

* Current conditions including “Feels like” temperature, wind, pressure, dew point, humidity.
* 7-day forecast with high/low temperature and precipitation probability
* 24-hour forecast with temperature, precipitation probability, wind and humidity
* Easily switch between 7 different views (Today, Today with Daily Forecast, Today with Hourly Forecast, Full Daily Forecast, Full Hourly Forecast, Compact Daily Forecast, Compact Hourly Forecast)
* ANIMATED RADAR MAPS (for US Locations only, add custom radar maps and webcams for any location)
* Track your location via GPS/CELL TOWER LOCATION so you always know the weather where you are. (Cell location for GSM devices only. GPS does not work for non-Storm devices on Verizon due to carrier restrictions)
* Sunrise/Sunset times and moon phase
* Weather advisory notifications
* Customizable homescreen icon showing current conditions
* Customizable homescreen wallpaper showing current conditions (OS 4.7 and higher)
* Support for different themes (Widgets, Simple and Simple Dark)
* Customizable background wallpaper
* Customizable font size
* Customizable icon size
* Multiple iconset


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